Gaetano Manganello

[ architect ]

Date of birth:

09.10.1960 - Ragusa


Via Saragat 21 - Ragusa


Via Padre Giovanni Tumino, 23


0932 256873 - 0932 652661


Insertion in the list of Professional Association of Architects of the province of Ragusa

09.09.1986 con il n. 196.

Educational qualification:

Master Degree in Architecture achieved on 18.07.1985, University of Florence vote 110/110

Work Experience:

Since the beginning he works as freelance professional.
In 1989 he establish with Carmelo Tumino the Architrend Associati practice, since 2009 Architrend Architecture.

After being graduated with the prof. Adolfo Natalini and some experiences in Florence with the firm “Arco Progetti”, he moved to Ragusa where he began his professional career.

He took part in the development of the PRG and in the detailed plan of the historical centers of Ragusa.

Among the main projects there are: Casa NL_NF, MAD, Casa LS, Villa GM, Villa AM, the Residential Complex " Le Palme Antiche ", Villa T, the IPSIA School in Ragusa, the Builiding Cooperative “Fedele” and “Doriana”, The enlargement of the Ibleo Garden in Ragusa Ibla, the restoration of the façade of the S. Maria La Nova Church in Scicli (RG), the Corfilac research center, in addition to numerous projects of villas, hotels, shops, interiors and furnishings.

In total, more than 100 projects have been realised since the beginning of his professional career.

Since 2009 he is member of the council of the Professional Association of Architects of Ragusa.

Since 2011 he is the president of the foundation “ARCH Studies and Researches Architects in the Mediterranean”.

The projects of the study have been published in numerous magazines and architectural books in Italy and abroad.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions of architecture, including the XII Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

He won several awards of architecture, including the award G.B. Vaccarini in 2009, the Awards Ance Sicilia 2010/2011, the PIDA 2014 Prize and the 2014 Inarch Prize "Author's Bars and Restaurants".

He organized events and architectural exhibitions, including:
- “The Spring of Architecture” in 2010
- “Contemporary Architecture” in 2012
- Workshop International Architectural Design "a bridge between cultures: from the polis to the civitas" in 2014
- “Nascita e Formazione di un Capoluogo di Provincia 1920-1950” PRG Arch. Francesco La Grassa in 2014.
– Architettura Oggi! 2016 allestimento Ponte Nuovo Ragusa
– Changing Architecture, allestimento mostra Ragusa ponte nuovo, Palermo piazza Politeama, Favara piazza Cavour, Catania via del teatro, 2017
– Allestimento Butterfly Home, Favara 2017, presso FARM Cultural Park, mostra empatia creativa studio MCA