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Architrend Architecture is an architecture firm that approaches design as an interdisciplinary venture where minimum form takes maximum effect. 

La nostra storia

The entire project is considered starting, in all design process, from client's needs as well as site and environment exploration to design and build with high quality and through an extreme attention to details in the construction phase.

Since from 1989, the two partners Gaetano Manganello and Carmelo Tumino design and build public buildings, resorts and single family houses with a contemporary, minimalist and direct approach

To house their new office, Manganello and Tumino had designed a building for their headquarter in the outskirts of Ragusa.

This building, made of reinforced concrete and covered in glass, is a strong character tends to get minimal, with the least formal means, the ultimate functional outcome.

Gaetano Manganello

Carmelo Tumino

I partner


Architrend Architecture has received many prestigious design awards including


They have lectured and exhibited at many universities as well as at several national and international design conferences and have taken part in various exhibitions of architecture including:


Their projects have been published in major national and international media such as Casabella, Electa, Interni, Edilizia e Territorio, A10, Braun-publishing, Archdaily, as well as several publications in China