Architects meet in Selinunte_off Sicily 3.0
Contemporary architecture between design and reality

From over twenty years Architrend Architecture firm ,founded by Gaetano Manganello and Carmelo Tumino, is dealing with issues related to the translation of the vision into reality, pursuing at the same time the willingness to create contemporary architecture.

The aim of the design approach comes from a clear desire to be actors of our times, without false submissiveness towards the historical environment.

he purpose of Architrend Architecture work is the observance of the authenticity of our historical heritage and at the same time carrying out its enhancement through the design of architecture strictly related with the issues of its being contemporary.

Therefore our work is a personal contribution to the revitalisation of the “Ibleo landscape” beauty, with the enhancement of its historical centers and its suburbs.

The exhibited projects are situated in a context of extraordinary architectural and landscape value. So they want to put these principles into practice and demonstrate that we can think about contemporary architecture which can restore and enhance historical fabrics and landscapes, without giving up their own identity and recognition.

Selinunte (TP), Chiesa del Purgatorio

27-28-29 Giugno 2014