Casa FM

2014 – 2016
Ragusa, Sicily
“A perimeter sunscreen suspended
on the ground floor”


Another project to renovate an existing home, this time located on a plot in the suburbs characterized by single-family dwellings. Our clients’ commission started from a comfortable existing home that opened onto ample views out over the surrounding garden. We completely renovated the pre-existing building, built some time previously, leaving only the reinforced concrete structure unchanged. The home’s hallmark feature, which makes it unique compared with the surrounding buildings, is a metal structure that creates a perimeter sunscreen on the first level and juts out, suspended over the ground floor. This level opens up along its perimeter towards the garden through ample glass. In bright daylight, the white-colored volumes create sharp contrasts beneath, an effect that is reversed by night when the lights are switched on. The house boasts a meticulously-crafted interior in which all wooden pieces were made by skilled craftsmanship. The living room walls are faced in specially-made canaletto walnut panels using a system that first required installation of the raw panels, which were then varnished prior to final assembly. The kitchen was also specially-designed with the same attention to detail. The result is a warm, highly livable contemporary space with minimal, high-quality furnishings. The luminaires were selected to enhance the home’s various components inside and out. Combined with our ever-present supervision of site work, this meticulous level of design achieved the intended aim of all our works. Like a bespoke suit, this made-to-measure home with its simple volumes assembled from a minimum number of selected materials has a uniform feel to it thanks to a single color choice of white - a choice that enhances the intense light in this part of Sicily. 

Design team
Architrend Architecture


Casuzze, Santa Croce Camerina

Moreno Maggi