Hotel, food and beverage design competition

General description of the Concept

The design concept consists in characterizing the hotel with a strong attractive identity that is reflected in the architectural choices on the development of the facade on the street, in the organization of internal activities, with large and bright spaces. The main aim is to give a functional order to the various activities of the hotel and to make the experience of hospitality unique and comfortable, in order to best meet the needs of customers and therefore of the property. Regarding the new distribution scheme, we have given priority to make possible having good lighting and ventilation for all the fifteen rooms on each floor.

A single large courtyard, the true heart of the building, allows light to penetrate down to the lower levels, reaching the six rooms located in the central part of the floor. Small and dark shears can be eliminated in this way. The facades of this courtyard are animated by green walls that alternate with the windows which are never directly opposite. On the top floor, the swimming pool is a very important element. An architectural frame, in exposed reinforced concrete, frames the view towards the sea across the pool. Both the wall on the street and part of the tank bottom are in transparent glass. The swimming pool is conceived as a final element of the facade, people can swim suspended on the street and at the same time admire the surrounding panorama.

Design team
Gaetano Manganello:
chairman, architect and project director

Carmelo Tumino:
chairman, architect and project director

Simona Tumino:
architrect and project manager

Fernando Cutuli:
surveyor and project designer

Marco Garfì:
graphic designer and 3D visualization specialist

Federica La Terra:
architect and project designer

Lorenzo Manganello:
architect and project designer

Gzira, Malta

Marzo 2020