Housing CSH #47

A residential neighborhood


The residential social housing project, is located inside of a constructive program in a peripheral area near the new hospital in Ragusa, still under construction. The system of 46 dwellings built so far out of a total of 53 planned, is divided into a number of buildings with type semi-detached and detached without basement with garage on the ground floor and detached dewelings with cellar and ground floor.

The project defines a clear and unified picture of a new residential district for its architecture deliberately sparse and simple intends to take its own identity which raises from the context of anonymity of the buildings.

The plant of housing is duplex with the living area and the garage on the ground floor and the bedroom on the first floor. The buildings of rectanglular form constitute the aggregation of a homogenous apartments joined by a long linear frame that frames the main facades which have a constant scanning of plaster panels in dark anthracite color alternating whit sliding shutters in aluminium fixed slats.

The fences of the individual lots that define the appurtenances of dewlings are made of concrete block walls finished with plaster spray coarse–grained , which contribute in their linearity to create a homogeneous and pelicular space.

Design team
Architrend Architecture


Marina di Ragusa

Umberto Agnello