Recupero ex centrale elettrica

Historical places and modernity


The design of the old power station in Vittoria increase the value of those industrial nature containers which accounted the beginning of a social condition headed for modernity for the Sicilian cities of the early twentieth century.

Therefore, the creation of meeting spaces, auditorium, museum and exhibition spaces best express the potential of container and this relationship between historical and modern building first invoked.

The planned works include a series of works that are strictly necessary to restore the spaces, indoors and outdoors, with their dignity of containers within the innovative features, once linked to the production of electricity, now linked to the production of cultural events.

The main design choices are the following:

  • The safety and structural improvement of existing buildings.
  • The provision of a new metal structure which overlaps the existing building and integrates with its shape, recalling a picture industry.
  • A second metallic structure is placed inside the main body portion at +4.50 m, creating a new floor that covers the auditorium on the ground floor and provides a function of exhibition space at the first level.

Design team
Arch. Giovanni Rizza
Ing. Gerlando Errore

Co-design team
Architrend Architecture

Dipartimento protezione civile

Vittoria (RG)

Giorgio Biazzo