Villa A

Mazara del Vallo
Trasparency and constrast


This Villa represent a fine composition of volumes and a spatial dynamism due to the sliding planes and suspended spaces.

The villa is located in a residential area in the suburbs of Mazara del Vallo

For us the design of a house is not only about responding to the client’s required spaces.

But also it’s a chance to give this space an identity which reflects our studio’s style and make every villa unique.

The final result come from the destruction of an old building and the construction of new solid volume centered around a patio that provides a refreshing environment during the summer periods.

From this regular volume of two levels, the solid of bedroom pushes out (jumps out) towards the entrance.

The structure presents a rigid square grid of 6x6 meters.

While the ground floor is formed by a glass box, the first floor’s elevations are formed by white walls with different openings to create a marvelous light effect.

To add to that a swimming pool located on the main entrance reflects the façade hence increasing the phenomenon created by the light.

Design team
Architrend Architecture


Mazara del Vallo